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Halo® Rangefinders use the best technology available. All rangefinders come standard with AI Technology, which accounts for slope to target and powered by Opti-Logic technology. Halo® Rangefinder models include 6x or 8x magnification and scan mode that allows for constant ranging. Whether you are out in the woods hunting or on the golf course, we have the rangefinder for you. Never miss a target or hole in one with Halo® Rangefinders!DSC_1922Powered by innovative Opti-Logic™ technology, the new line of range finders from Halo® are setting the standard in design and performance. The pinnacle of the Halo® line is the Xtanium™ P1000X and M600X; featuring a high quality glass lens and a durable brushed metal finish. Both of these models come equipped with AI technology and an OLED display, and a 8X magnification. The P1000X is capable of ranging up to 1000 yards and the M600X reaches up to 600 yards. Each model comes equipped with a Lithium Ion battery and a premium leather case. Never miss with the Xtanium™ series from Halo®.The Halo® XRAY™ 900 (Z9X) and Halo® XRAY™ 600 (Z6X) rangefinders offer something for every hunter. The Z9X is capable of ranging up to 900 yards and the Z6X reaches up to 600 yards. Each model comes standard with AI™ Technology to account for slope to the target, 6x or 8x power magnification, scan mode, and crucial trigger fast readings. Both the XRAY™ Z9X and Z6X come equipped with a durable nylon case and feature a sleek ergonomic design that easily fits into your palm and allows for a stable range. Never miss with the XRAY™ series from Halo®.

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