Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School

Faced with poverty and the subjugation of women in Ireland in the 1800’s, Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, envisioned the education of women as a means to spread Christian values and effect social change. Her life and works were a testament to this belief. She saw education as the primary tool to help women find and achieve their full human potential. This philosophy is the foundation of the many schools and educational programs sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.Today, the Sisters of Mercy continue to nurture young women in the character and spirit of Catherine McAuley. In 1861, thirty years later and a continent away, it was this same mission and dedication to women that compelled the sisters to establish the Academy of the Sisters of Mercy in Philadelphia.The Academy first opened its doors in Assumption Parish and later moved to a private residence at Broad Street and Columbia Avenue. By August 1863, there were 28 students. Over the years the Academy experienced many changes and eventually moved to the Taylor Estate in Gwynedd Valley, where the Sisters converted stables and erected a science building to serve the Academy and College from 1947 to 1955. In April 1955, construction of the building for the elementary and secondary schools was completed and the Academy of Mercy became Gwynedd Mercy Academy.Enrollment continued to increase and in 1982, the Sisters of Mercy purchased the Spring House Public School to house the elementary division. The high school remained in the facility that was built in 1955.Over the years, Gwynedd Mercy Academy has evolved its programs in response to changing needs. In the early 1990’s there was much development in Montgomery County and a growing interest in private education. An analysis in 1995 indicated a need for more classrooms, especially specialized classrooms for Art and Music and for a Performing Arts Center. The first phase of construction was completed in August 1999. A new library, Art and Music rooms, music practice rooms, a writing lab and a tiered lecture hall, as well as new tennis courts and a track were included in this first phase.Enrollment increases and student talents highlighted the need for continued development of a Performing Arts Center. The Renaissance Campaign was organized to finance the second phase which was completed in March 2004. This area encompasses the main entrance and lobby, a chapel with movable seats to accommodate 50 persons, and an auditorium which seats 525. Also included in that phase are storage areas, a dressing room and a TV studio.Today GMA has an enrollment that averages 400 girls in grades 9-12 and continues to respond in all areas to the needs of the times.

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Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School is a private, Roman Catholic, all-girls high school in Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania. It is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.