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GVO is a web hosting company that prides itself, by offering clients the best marketing tools and opportunity in the industry.

History on GVO/Pure Leverage: A True Trusted company!

GVO/Pure Leverage was created and developed in Aylmer Quebec Canada as a web hosting company. The company had the name and title of Kiosk.ws. When Mike and Joel teamed up to market the company they soon found out that they had reached its maximum in hosting resources and Fiber optics, and could not grow the company any more. This is where the plan to move the company came into play.

With researching area's and Geography, Mike and Joel both found out that there was a Fiber optic triangle that is set through North America passing through the state of Texas, in the United States. With the substantial cost savings of competition between resource providers and carriers. They made the company decision of re locating the company to San Antonio Texas.

In 2007 with the process of moving the company they had to establish and incorporate a new name and foundation. This is where the name and title GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) was born.

With the time of the business operating in Canada and now running strong in Texas the company has passed its 15th year in business. What Mike and Joel have created with GVO, was to create a web hosting company that was and still different from many other web hosting providers. They always say, “What is the point in having a web site live to the world if it is not generating traffic, leads and sales.”

With the constant growth of the company Mike and Joel also created a number of marketing tools to help them communicate, support and sell for their company. This is why they created the Auto Responder and conference room. To initial be used to help them grow their existing company.

Very soon after development of many other business growing tools, they decided to offer the same package to their clients.

This now separated GVO from any competition. They became a web hosting company, that offered and included the best marketing tools package for their client base. To help their clients achieve their online business goals.

Very soon after they also capitalized on the web hosting clients that hosted their sites elsewhere and in another location.

They simply offered the status of these clients and future clients the marketing tools package only. This is where Pureleverage.com was born.

While putting much focus on the North American markets, Mike Potvin turned the tables and took the products Internationally. Developing its Hosting model and marketing tools suite for the Russian and Spanish speaking markets.

GVO/Pure Leverage also has offices in Nasik India and Kharkov Ukraine.

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6701 Guada Coma Dr, Schertz, Texas 78154

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