Gale V: Vintage Unlimited Hydroplane


Fans of a unique sport - hydroplane racing
This page is for the replica of the Gale V Vintage Unlimited Hydroplane.

The original Gale V was a popular raceboat in the 1950's. It was national champion in 1954 and 1955, and won the prestigious Gold Cup in 1955. Unfortunately, the boat was destroyed in a testing accident later that year. The driver was Lee Schoenith. The owner was his father, Joe Schoenith.

Dr. Bill Black, is continuing the legacy of the Gale V by creating an exact full scale replica of this raceboat. Starting from just a pile of wood four years ago, Dr. Black and his wife, Judy, have created an amazing replica from the ground up. Although it is not completed, Dr. Black plans to have the boat running by the end of summer at various events. Last summer, the Gale V was taken to its home city in Detroit where it was christened by Shirley Schoenith, the wife of the late driver, Lee. The boat will be powered by a WWII V-12 aircraft engine. "Part of the intention of this boat is to bring back the roar of the WWII aircrafts for the public." -Dr. Bill Black In the future, Dr. Black and others that have created replicas of the Unlimited Hydroplanes, intend to put on simulation races.

This page is for lovers of this unique sport and will allow fans to follow the progress of the completion of the boat.

The Gale V crew is currently seeking sponsors for the completion of the boat and the expenses of running it.

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