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Drum Corps is essentially a professional Marching Band that requires the athleticism of a professional sport combined with the musicianship of a symphony.The FREE Players Drum Corps is divided into two groups, A Corps and B Corps. The A Corps, is the main performing Corps that travels across the country to perform at world class events Today the A Corps has over 65 members, 20 to 50 plus. All the members of the Corps have intellectual and physical disabilities. The purpose of the Corps is to focus on the member’s talents and abilities, not their disabilities. Drum Corps has been therapeutic for many of the adults that attend the program, as rhythm is a powerful tool that permeates throughout the brain. Drumming has been proven to reduce both mental and physical challenges that one may have and has enabled these men and women to work on their social skills as well as build a sense of unity and self-worth The B Corps was established in late 2013 to accommodate the high demand to join the FREE Players Drum Corps and to increase opportunities for individuals who attend Family Residences Theatre Arts Day Program. The B Corps is comprised of new members who hope to one day perform with the A Corps and individuals that would prefer to play the drums for fun without the pressure of constant performances/rehearsals. B Corps rehearsals are open to everyone that attends Family Residences Theatre Arts Day Program and is interested in participating. B Corps only rehearses once a week during program hours and will only perform at in house events or small local events. Just like the A Corps, the B Corps features a Drumline, Color Guard and Front Ensemble (Pit). If an opening becomes available in the A Corps, B Corps members may be promoted to fill the open position.

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