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What Is A Flavor Face®? We all have one. It's that face you make, that spasm you have when you first bite into something so juicy, so delicious, something so undeniably scrumptious that it's everything you can do not to slap the person next to you. Yeah. That Face. That face you make every time you bite into anything cooked and prepared by Executive Chef Brian Stanbsberry. Where Is Flavor Face®? It won't be long until Flavor Face® is in your city and in your...FACE! Flavor Face® is a brand conceptualized and realized by Executive Chef Brian Stansberry, a food truck and an idea based around the fact that food is a language we all comprehend, a love we crave and desire. It is the place we go when we are whole and when we are broken, it is where we go when we wish to be alone and when we wish to share our love and good fortune with those we love. Flavor Face® is everywhere there is good food, good people, and days ahead. The Flavor Face Food Truck The Flavor Face® Food Truck was designed and manufactured by, Chameleon Concessions CEO, Mark Palm, who has outfitted more than 50 food trucks, including that of Andrew Zimmerns. In working with Palm, Chef Brian has created a food truck that acts as more than a vessel to deliver food but, also, an experience. Though the details of this mobile culinary delight must be kept under wraps until its debut in Spring 2014, The Flavor Face® Food Truck blends the primal need for comforting food with a newfound hunger for technology. This isn't just about eating the food; it's about living through the food and that precise moment your palette lets go of its grip on the precipice of what it knows and what it never knew existed.

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