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Mom offive
. a week ago
Cindy gave me the best pedicure I've ever had. Sorry, Raymond from home. My nails are meticulously done. Thank you, Van. My eyebrows are perfect, thank you lady next to me's neighbor. This was a very pleasant and relaxing time. I wish I lived closer. There are no lumps, tags, calluses.
Lea Gray
. 2 months ago
First time here. Waited a long time and I’ve already had a nail come completely off. Had them done Saturday. Today is Wednesday at 3AM. Apparently you can’t open a coke can. 🤷‍♀️
Jose Diaz
. 4 months ago
Had a pedicure with Cindy, the owner and she was great! Friendly, courteous, very professional!! Thanks Cindy!! See you next time!! ;-)
Julie Johnson
. a year ago
Love this place...especially if Van or Cindy does my nails, they always look great. But I'm sitting here today, and they aren't open yet. The phone just goes to an answering machine, and their listed hours show opening at 12pm, but it is 12:20 and no one is here. 😕
Erin McCracken
. 5 months ago
Just left here with the messiest nails I've ever had even after asking for him to fix them. Is also way overpriced. 35 dollars just to have them painted. Not even a full manicure.

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