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Kelly Mcbroom
. a month ago
i wanted a design. they messed it up so bad and laughed about it. i told them that i didn’t like the color and asked if i could change it and that i was willing to pay extra and they continuously said no. i would not recommend going here at all.
Blanca Stoddard
. 9 months ago
I love my nails.
Janet Perry
. 11 months ago
I love it here! I just started to go here because I haven't found one that I love in Stillwater, but I think I just did! They nail technicians here are so kind and what you want is very important to them! You can tell how hardworking they are and how much they care. They are just fun people to be around and I consider them my friends! I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a new salon or just looking for exceptional nails!
Tiffany Bui
. 11 months ago
They are SO good at what they do! You can tell they just want to make their customers happy and will take all their time to make sure you love your nails. From observing, I can tell they want to create relationships with their customers in addition to doing nails. Best place to get dip in my opinion, not too thick and they stay on forever! Go here if you want to have the best nails!
Jana Williams
. 8 months ago
Tony and Sandy are the best people they do awesome work they are very very nice to the customers. The prices are awesome they do great

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