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In Family Hands LLC 800 N. Tucker Blvd. (STE 454) ST. PATRICK CENTER BUILDING St. Louis, MO 63101 DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE THAT RECEIVE S.S.I., S.S.D.I., OR A VETERAN WITH PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISABILITIES AND RECEIVE Missouri Medicaid (MO Health Net) Health and Senior Services (DHSS THEY MAY BE QUALIFY TO GET IN HOME HEALTHCARE (CDS) FREE OF CHARGE THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS MAY MAKE UP TO$2300.00 A MONTH WORKING AS THEIR PERSONALCHOREWORKER • ASSISSTANCE WITH BATHING AND GROOMING • Meal Preparation • Heavy housework • Doing the laundry • Grocery shopping • Managing money • Keeping track of medications • Getting to doctor appointments WE WELCOME TRANSFERS CONTACT PERSONS: MS. GLADNEY AT (314-283-0139) FOR DETAILS Office Phone 314-588-8055 Fax 314– 588-8065 OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM- 4PM

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