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Enhanced Credit Services is your one-stop shop for credit repair and enhancement. Whether you are wanting to prepare for a major purchase, such as a house or an automobile, or you're just tired of being turned down for credit because of a poor FICO score, no problem is too big or too small. No matter the problem, whether it's student loans, medical collections, credit cards, reposessions, liens, or foreclosure, we can help. Our founders are a diverse group of military veterans, entrepreneurs, and technical experts with in-depth experience in credit repair, mortgage, automobile financing, credit cards and other lender products.. We were created with the purpose to simplify the process of choosing the right product for each individual's personal needs. As a company, we serve many different groups: -First-Time Homebuyers. Want to know if you're ready to purchase a home? Worried that something may stand in your way of achieving the American dream? We offer consulting to let you know exactly where you stand and what to expect. -Job Candidates. Like it or not, many major employers make hiring decisions based on credit scores. Are you going to miss out on your dream job because of a poor credit score? Community. Giving back to the community is what we do, andEnhanced Credit Services is active in local charities and social groups to ensure that we are doing our part to improve the communities that we are involved in. While the field of credit repair is littered with less than reputable companies, our experience and track record simply speaks for itself. Your repair specialist will stay in contact with you during the entire process to explain exactly what is going on and what you can expect during each step. We understand that bad things happen to good people, and we want to help those that have been penalized by an unfortunate situation. Whether you're new to the credit game or have an extensive file full of derogatory information, we can assist you and get you to the best credit score of your life.

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