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Do As One was created by three visionary friends compelled to make the world a happier and healthier place on a grand scale. With that vision at heart, they sought to learn as much as they could about the most basic and life sustaining function of a human’s life, breathing.They met with gurus, breath practitioners, respiratory therapists, doctors, yoga instructors, healers, shamans, religious leaders, monks and alternative medicine experts to get at the core of what the breath means to the human body, mind and spirit. They interviewed thousands of diverse people to gauge what the general population knows about conscious breathing in order to help determine what needed to be shared and how best to impart the knowledge.After synthesizing all the information, the founders set forth a grand goal to have one billion people breathe together. On 07/07/07 the Universal Breathing Room on was born, forever marking a place in history where the Internet became an opportunity for us to experience our inherent connection.

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