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This page is to share information regarding Organic gardening, Natural foods & remedies, DIY Projects & Crafts, Permaculture & Homesteading Lifestyles, Clean & Renewable Energy, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle and Better Living Whether your dietary choices are vegan, vegetarian or meat supplemented, we want to educate and share the most nutritional choice that you have available Our DIY projects and suggestions are meant to give you choices for alternative accommodations that are affordable and useful to your lifestyle. With Better living, we want to educate and share peoples experiences that can help you achieve self reliance and control of your own destiny. Be it a desire to live off the grid, or supplement your own independence from power companies, suggestions and choices are shared for alternative green energy. We live in a world where diet has a large part to do with the diseases we face today. By looking at organic foods, clear of genetic modification and chemical alteration, we hope to set you on a path to a healthier living. We also look at natural remedies, options to choose alternative choices to prescription medications. Freeing your mind, your health and how you live leads to a better life, a healthier life. Feel free to share your information as well. When we pool together, we can only learn more

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