Sekhmet (Tribal Fusion Dance)

arts & entertainment
18018 James Couzens, Detroit, Michigan 48235
Tribal fusion belly dance

Follow My Lead Kids Fund

nonprofit organization
17421 E. Warren Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48224
Explore The World With Literacy.

Detroit Firemen's Fund Association

nonprofit organization
1301 3rd St, Ste 329, Detroit, Michigan 48226
The Detroit Firemen's Fund Association was founded in 1866 for the purpose of providing aid to the widows and orphans of fallen fire fighters. As members of the Fund, we are there to provide assistance and support...

Juice & Fuel

110 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48226
We have one mission: to provide Detroiters with delicious and healthy options when it comes to fueling their bodies.

Ashton Slashton

The Cage of Freedom, Detroit, Michigan 48192
Let's not play normal anymore, We will never be normal again.

The Frederick G. Sampson Foundation

nonprofit organization
736 Lothrop Rd, Detroit, Michigan 48202
"The Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson, II was recognized as a world-class preacher, teacher, and lecturer who would stop while en route to speak to the many in order to tell a single soul on the street about...

Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation

nonprofit organization
3101 East Grand Boulevard, Suite 200, Detroit, Michigan 48202
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation is a grantmaking organization investing in the quality of life of the people of Western New York + Southeast Michigan.

NABJ Sports Task Force Annual Scholarship Jam

nonprofit organization
3929 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48201
The 13th Annual NABJ Sports Task Force Jam will take place on Aug. 3, 2018 at Garden Theatre in Detroit from 9P-2A. DJ Limelight, Rob Nice will be back.

Matt Clayson Democrat for MSU Trustee

political candidate
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Together, we can restore integrity and pursue excellence at Michigan State University. We can do it through prioritizing survivors' rights, campus safety, college affordability and university accountability. Join us:

Detroit Writers' Guild

nonprofit organization
5057 Woodward Avenue, 9th Floor, Detroit, Michigan 48202
About Us A BRIEF HISTORY The Detroit Writers' Guild—originally the Detroit Black Writers' Guild—is a nonprofit organization located in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded in the summer of 1983 by Peggy A. Moore and her 9-year-old daughter, Peggy Sue. The...