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Courage Critters is a plush animal and online tool kit designed to help children learn skills to decrease common childhood fears and unwanted behaviors. Millions of children struggle with common fears every day. Fears of the dark, storms, medical procedures, and new places are just a few examples. Childhood fears are amplified by a child’s imagination and difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. Courage Critters helps a child to use their powerful imagination to empower, support and protect them in situations that cause fear. There are many unwanted behaviors that create difficulties for children. Some of the most common include nail biting, skin picking, teeth grinding, hair pulling and tics. These behaviors impact millions of people, but most kids who experience them feel very alone. By doing the Courage Critters program they know that they are not alone and discover the many useful skills that can be utilized to decrease these behaviors. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Renae Reinardy has worked with hundreds of children struggling with fear based and body focused conditions. Many children never have the opportunity to work with a psychologist. In fact, 80% of children with anxiety and 60% with depression do not receive treatment. There are many tools that caregivers can use to help their child. Examples of these tools are available on our website. Your Courage Critter is a high quality plush animal. It will arrive with a special password in the back pocket to access all of the helpful pages on our website! Please contact us anytime with questions. Wishing you and the child in your life health and happiness.

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