Cobweb Consignment and Gifts

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We are three who love old furniture especially for it's character and charm; we also love not so old furniture. If it has dents, dings and scratches it means that is has been useful and part of someones life. We are passionate about giving it new purpose, new life, and a new home.

We love to 'talk' to the furniture and come up with a plan whether it's refinishing the piece or giving it a new 'coat' with or without bling! OR if you see a piece you love, but the color doesn't fit your scheme, just let us know! Since we have already done deep down cleaning and prep, it's not a major event to change to your color of choice. We always love meeting with you to make a plan..

Our shop is always open to offers, so shoot us an email and ask us.

We are located within….
Canal Street Antique Mall - named as one of the "33 spots to shop for antiques" within 30 miles of Boston...Boston Globe Magazine May 25, 2013
181 Canal St, Lawrence, MA 01841


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