Tae Kwon Moodo Association

2424 Washington Ave, Cincinnati 45231
The Taekwon Moodo Association is an organization of Taekwondo Masters and their school's dedication to the "Moo Do" (martial way) of Taekwondo.

Miller's Karate Studios

2640 Kemper Lane, Cincinnati 45206
MKS focuses on self-defense and mental attitude. Since it's inception, MKS has instructed several students in the Art of Tang Soo Do. Check us out at

Lions Martial Arts Academy

1194 West Kemper Road, Cincinnati 45240
For a more detailed look into our program, please visit our "About Us" section on our page.

A Authentic Awesome Kung-Fu School

6832 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati 45224
Specialize in traditional martial art training

Kappas Taekwondo

6110 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati 45224
Come take a Tae Kwon Do Class in College Hill(Cincinnati).. Learn to defend yourself , develop self confidence, gain more flexability, and exercise at the same time. The class is taught by Master Tom Kappas, a fifth degree...

Kemet Mixed Martial Arts Academy

3630 Reading Rd, Cincinnati 45229
All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns -Bruce Lee

Dynamic Fighting Arts

3473 N Bend Rd, Cincinnati 45239
At Dynamic Fighting Arts we teach an eclectic blend of martial arts called DFA Kali/kuntao, which is a martial art used for the streets, not tournament competition. It is a blend of Kali-Escrima, Pangamut (Filipino Empty Hand), SE...

Kosho School of Karate

2121 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati 45230
The Kosho School of Karate was founded in 1978 and is directed by Sensei David Hamann, 7th Degree Black Belt. We teach authentic Okinawan Karate and traditional Japanese martial arts. We offer instruction to men, women, teens, and...

CCM Preparatory Department

3860 Corbett, Cincinnati 45221
The Preparatory Department of the College-Conservatory of Music provides educational instruction and performance opportunities in Music, Theatre Arts and Dance for students of all ages and abilities.

Japanese Karate Do : Mid-America WTKO

11910 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati 45249
The main Instructor is Marc Silverman, 3rd Dan, WTKO teaching Shotokan Karate at the Japanese Karate-do dojo in Cincinnati, Ohio. Instructor for the World Traditional Karate Organization for the Mid-America region.