Champion Sport Co

Champion Sport inc. located in Elk grove and San Francisco, CA, provides a full range of top quality Pool Cues and Accessories right here in the USA
Champion Sport inc. creates some of the world's finest Pool Cues and Darts made out of the top quality materials. Made in the USA, we strive to provide 100% satisfaction with our customers. With a wide array of Pool Cues and accessories, we have the best quality cues for different levels of players.

Champion Sport inc. has been making high quality Pool Cues since 1999. We only use the highest quality and most innovative materials in our products to meet all of your billiards needs. Our cues come from Bright White Maple Sapwood, which makes our cues straight-grained, physically-straight, and tight-grained. As a part of the process our wood is vacuum kiln-dried down to approximately 6% moisture content to give you an advanced stability while providing the highest available stress relief.

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