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About Ingrid Macher

Before you can inspire millions of people to change their lives, you first have to be willing to change your own. And Ingrid Macher is no stranger to change.

Originally born in Bogota, Colombia, Ingrid came to the United States in search of a better life. Now… this Latina, wife and mother of two is helping people across the globe increase the quality of theirs.

After struggling for many years with her weight problems, Ingrid developed a fun, effective, and practical fat loss system that allowed her to lose an astonishing 55 pounds in 90 days.

This transformation worked wonders for Ingrid’s energy levels and self-confidence. And after seeing similar results with personal coaching clients—busy moms, overweight teenagers, and even a soap opera star—Ingrid knew she had discovered something truly special.

It became her mission to deliver these life-changing results to as many people as possible.

As a certified holistic health coach (The Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and personal trainer (World Fitness Association), Ingrid’s credentials are unquestionable. But what makes this new fitness and health expert truly stand out is her incredible ability to motivate people to go after their dreams in life.

When Ingrid talks, people listen. And lately, she’s been doing a lot of talking! She’s been featured on El Nuevo Herald, FOX International, MSN, Sirius XM radio… and dozens of other outlets. She’s a regular guest on both Telemundo and CNN, where she’s been referred to as “the diet guru with a new method that is revolutionizing the world of health.”

Ingrid is a weekly featured writer for MamasLatinas.com and the Huffington Post. Her articles—which have consistently earned rave reviews— can also be seen in Miami Shoot Magazine, Latina Magazine, GalTime, and many other publications, both online and print.

Her Youtube channel has exploded with over 3.5 million views in just four short months. Over 130,000 subscribers eagerly await her next blog post. Over 500,000 happy fans are constantly showing their gratitude on Facebook for her tips on nutrition and fitness which in turn have helped many improve their healthy lifestyle.

Having already spread her message to millions, most people would consider their mission achieved. But not for Ingrid. She continues to display that same motivation and focus that has allowed her to achieve so much success so quickly. The same drive she instills in her clients to bring them incredible results. Every morning, Ingrid springs out of bed thinking of ways to reach out to more people and help them to… get healthy and get hot!

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