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Kim Tosh
. 3 years ago
Great service, very clean, reasonable prices. Julia gave me one of the best pedicures I've had in a while!
Barbara Medina
. a year ago
Relaxing atmosphere and they always do a fabulous job on my nails.
Tom Font
. 3 years ago
So sad to report a very negative review for a place that was once a regular, trusted place for pedicures, no-chip manicures, and most recently, a pedicure for my 6 year old daughter- her first. I prefer no-chip manicures because they are supposed to last longer- they tell me at Botanic the guarantee is for 14 days. So when I get a chip, I try and stop by to get it fixed when I can. I work in a capacity that requires that I appear professional. If I'm going to pay two times the amount of a regular manicure for a no-chip manicure, I expect it to last as long as advertised. I don't want to have to stop by regularly within days of getting the no-chip manicure to get a touch up. But that's what's happened the last couple times I've been there. I think it must be old polish or something, because the polish literally pealed off like stickers. I explained this to them the last time I was there and was told I must be "gardening or working too hard with your hands" to justify why I have to pay for a new no-chip manicure within days of the original. That is not the case and is no basis for them to not abide by their advertised claims about "no-chip" manicures. I'm sadly moving elsewhere for local services and encourage others to do so. Locally, I recommend, based on others' recommendations, Spa City Nails on Lincoln.
Diane Blake
. a year ago
Heather Bower
. 11 months ago

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