Because You Served

In 2013 and 2014 it was tough to miss the headlines: scandals and dishonesty plagued programs for Veterans. In late 2014 a small group rooted in Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina, recognized the opportunity to do honest business with the men and women who had served our military in defense of the American way of life. From that, BecauseYouServed was founded. Justifiably Veterans have become leery of benefits from nonprofits and private companies offering a reduced fee or discount only to be scammed. Our Veterans deserve better. Moreover, we recognized that if our business is properly structured, others will pay for the opportunity to do business with Veterans, allowing us to provide important benefits to Veterans for FREE. Since military families move an average of three times more than non-military families and the only existing option was an upfront flat fee or percentage at closing of the home’s sale price it was determined real estate was the ideal industry to offer our first free benefit. The first step was assembling some of the area’s top tech developers to create cutting edge tools to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes a REALTOR® to list and market a property. Reducing the costs was the first step but still not free. The next step was to find Veteran-friendly professionals to advertise to cover the remaining expenses. This is how we not only promote but list, market and even provide you the yard sign as a 100% free benefit. Especially during our beta stage, we would love your feedback on our current free listing service, and where you feel there are benefit needs in other sectors. If one of your family members or you are thinking about listing please give us a 100% risk free try.

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