The Bazaar

Welcome to the Bazaar !

This is a marketplace for crystals, art, vintage/custom clothing, and other heady accessories.

The Bazaar founder attended 100+ festivals with dreams of creating the best booth. This is what he came up with...


Locations & Hours


"The Bazaar" is a song by Canadian rock band The Tea Party. It was released as a promotional single in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and the USA. The music video was shot in Istanbul, and its Grand Bazaar. An acoustic version was recorded also and released on Alhambra as "The Grand Bazaar". "The Bazaar" is a standard three-piece rock song with an introduction composed of harmonium and goblet drums. Jeff Burrows described the song as fusing "the exotic with heavier rock side of the band better than any other song".The song has been covered by the symphonic metal band Hollenthon as a bonus track on their 2008 album, Opus Magnum. Wikipedia