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Aja Jallow
. a year ago
Am responding to Melanie Williams first u should let me know u have braids on ur head u need to take it down and wash but u dont tell me on the phone she had big jumbo box braids went she comes I was busy she took her hair down I told her to wash hair by her self because i was busy i cannot leave my customer and she dont want to do it my advise to her any african shop she go let them know u want to take ur hair down ,wash and braided it easy for u and the braider wash ur head before u come or u let them know before u come thanks u
Brandi Singh
. 3 weeks ago
I will be going back.. NuNu was very professional and her work is amazing. I made an appointment for sunday. At first I was afraid that my hair may be too short to braid but she gripped it and slayed. Loving it and will be recommending for more clientele.
Black Pride
. a month ago
Best braiding salon in Kansas City, I drive a hour away jst to let them do my hair, they never disappoint!
Darien Woods
. 3 weeks ago
Made my hair look better than ever before!! Enough said
Eukeisha Lankford
. 8 months ago
Though I was pleased with the look of my hair and the friendly environment, there were 3 things I was very dissatisfied with. 1) The feed-in braids were installed too tight. I contracted folliculitis and experienced hair loss. The hairdresser was aware she was braiding too tight but did not braid any looser. When she finished she stated, “I know they’re tight but just take some Tylenol.” I had a constant headache and had to take medicine for relief. I am hoping I haven’t suffered permanent damage to my scalp. 2) I made an appointment but did not get into the chair until an hour later. 3) When I entered the shop there was a strong aroma of feces. Otherwise, the hairdresser was nice, and did a great job on the hairstyle.

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