AAA Reflexology

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Aware Alert and Active Reflexology (AAA Reflexology) - A form of alternative medicine that applies pressure to the bodies extremities, ie. hands, feet, upper cranial and neck, and SRT (Spinal Reflex Treatments)using techniques designed to promote health and reduce stress. Other benefits include Cancer Relief therapy, mental health improvement, ease of birthing, improved blood flow and pain reduction. Aware Alert and Active Reflexology services a wide variety of individuals, from pregnant moms looking to ease the birth and recovery process to corporate executives looking to reduce stress and improve work performance.

People choose reflexology because:

1. The treatment is free from any drugs and chemical, and it is a wide option for many health problems.
2.Its ability to reduce pain.
3.It helps body to maintain the dexterity and locomotion ability.
4. It promotes relaxation especially overused or tired hands, feet, and the whole body parts.
5. It stimulates the release of body's pain-relieving chemicals.
6. As a prevention from any illness.
7. It promotes recovery process from any injury particularly at any region at hands and feet.


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